Quardle Game - Wordle Crossword

Solve the daily 4-word puzzle in a small crossword puzzle. Use the rules from the classic Wordle game. Enter your words and use the received color hints. Read more detailed rules below.

How to play Quardle Game?


So, you see a crossword puzzle of 4 words in front of you. Your task is to guess all 4 words. But how to do it? Read more about this.


Enter any word in the first line (right side of the game). Then choose in which row or column you want to enter this word. To do this, select the number 1, 2 3 or 4 on the buttons above the keyboard. These numbers correspond to the numbers next to the words in the crossword puzzle. Once selected, press Enter.


Now you can see how the letters in your word (right side of the game) have changed their colors. These colors are hints. Depending on the color of each letter, you can get information about whether this letter is in this word, as well as in other words of the crossword puzzle.


Your goal is to guess all 4 words. For this you will have 12 guesses. However, for each of the first three words guessed, you will get one more attempt. So the maximum you can get is 15 guesses.


After all the words are guessed, you win. New puzzles appear every day. Wait until tomorrow to play again.

Did you like Quardle Wordle?

Quardle is one of the most popular variations on the well-known game Wordle. In this version of the game, you have to guess 4 words every day. These words are compiled in a mini crossword puzzle, and have intersections with each other. At the same time, the game system and hints are similar to the original game.